Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Saw Sherlock Holmes!

But enough about that. Does anybody else find themselves hyper-aware of their own movement after sitting through a movie? Seriously, it's like after I get out of my seat I'm aware of movements I would normally take for granted. It doesn't happen with every movie, but it did with this one, and with almost every CGI film I've ever seen. If ever I were to participate in an ill-conceived ballet competition, it appears my pre-prance preparation would consist primarily of watching Shrek 2.

Oh, and for those who care, the movie was entertaining. So long as you enter the theater aware that you are about to witness a re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes as a deductive action hero and not as the traditional Holmes, you should be in for a fun ride.


  1. Is he still as smart as he's supposed to be? If he's not it sounds like he's Holmes in name only...

  2. @Yorghos
    He's a super-smart guy with an alcohol problem, just like a certain other Robert Downey Jr. character. :P

    Can't say I recognize the whole hyper-awareness from sitting through a movie thing. I did sort of have that feeling before I went to see the movie, though, but that was just the buzz from a half dozen sweet and colorful drinks messing with me.

  3. Holmes was a coke-head, morphine-addict and nicotine-fiend. All of these were replaced with the more 'America-friendly' alcohol-addiction. Bleargh.

  4. Yea, from what I've heard this movie is closer to the original books then to the version of Holmes we're used to ("I've heard" in the sense that I've never read the originals, I have seen the movie). That said, the trailers play up the action a bit too much, as the core of the movie was a classic Holmes detective story.