Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Upcoming Songs of EGS

The next four storylines of my webcomic El Goonish Shive are being planned out. While this is all subject to change, here are some songs that come to mind when I think of certain parts of these upcoming stories. Please note that I have no sort of official connection to these songs; they simply come to mind when thinking about these stories.

"Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor
"East Bound And Down" by Jerry Reed
"Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down
"When You're Evil" by Voltaire

"Hallelujah" also fits in there, but there are so many covers of it that I don't know which artist to list. In any case, I'm not going to say why I find these songs fitting for certain parts, only that I do. I will, however, likely clarify it all later during the commentaries of these upcoming stories.


  1. So do you think of John Williams type scores when you are writing stories, or more contemporary music?

  2. Whom is this "Halleluja" by? I'm asking because there's more than one relatively-well-known song by that title.
    The one that comes to *my* mind is by Deep Purple.

  3. Haha. I love all of those songs, except for "East Bound And Down" because I don't know it.

  4. He's speaking of the Leonard Cohen song, "Hallelujah". Maybe it's my Velvet Underground fetish, or my major John Cale fangirling (here's two very idiosyncratic versions of "Streets of Laredo"), but Johnny sang my fave version.

    You can hear the song with bits from its movie: "East Bound and Down."

  5. You have a good taste in music. I like all of the listed songs. =)

  6. atm I'm stuck with the song Walk like an egyptian and Gold Guns Girls in my head

  7. Ah, a good selection.

    I found "East Bound and Down" on a record- it still plays! :)