Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wait, I Remember Now... This Was Supposed To Be A CASUAL Blog...

I made a mistake last week. In a post I have since deleted, I proudly declared how, basically, I was going to be treating this blog as a part of my overall business model and force myself to post new and interesting stuff in it every day! So, of course, I immediately became very busy with my comic work and was too tired to have much of anything funny to say and wound up not posting all week. Go me.

Thing is, prior to that, this blog was making me feel really good, posting whatever the heck I feel like whenever I felt like it. It's a genuinely good outlet for ranting and saying things I don't have room to say elsewhere, and I think it only works that well if I keep it casual. If I reach a point where I'm naturally posting every day, great! If I try to force it, though, it takes the fun out of this and could also hurt my other projects which demand much more of my time than this.

Then, of course, there's the risk of making incredibly mundane posts to fill the quota, such as talking about the corner's of my ceiling. Don't get me wrong; they're magnificent corners. I just don't think they're blog post material.

In the deleted post, I did mention reviewing Monsters Vs Aliens (MVA) on DVD and defining a particular word; I still intend (and really, really want) to do those. The main reason I haven't yet is simply because I plot to make graphics to go with them and I've been drawing comics instead.

One of these graphics is actually what was planned as a bonus EGS:NP comic, but I'm thinking it's going to coincide with a normal EGS:NP update day instead just because I'm going to be extra busy getting materials set up for the next El Goonish Shive storyline.

As for what word I'll be defining, let's just say I recently rented Space Jam for the sake of reference material...


  1. This should be interesting: I am glad that you are keeping on a more casual schedule, as it is definitely better- We already have all the mediocre daily blogs we could need :-D

    As for the definition... I think I know what is about to happen.

  2. It's astoundingly clear that the audience crowd shots in the movie were never meant to be freeze framed. It's a very obviously repeated bits of animation used over and over again with several layering errors. Look to the right of the screen as Lola makes her entrance at the game, and you will see... THIS:


  3. Dude. Dude. Don't hurt yourself. Blogs are for blogging, not for businessing. Businessing is for the cubicle. Or the rafters of an uncompleted building if you're that kinda guy.

    As God once said (paraphrased): "THOU SHALT RELAX THYSELF."