Friday, March 26, 2010

The LOLCat Pokémon

First off, many thanks to everyone who have suggested movies! Please keep them coming; I scheme to get through at least one of these suggested movies a week and post about them here, DVD rental shop willing. I just hope they're not playing hockey on the roof when I get there.

Anyway, a few of you have asked for updates on my Bellsprout, which I initially thought was odd until I looked at that cursed sketch again (went for another long walk after that). I've actually walked close to 10,000 steps with Bellsprout, more than half of which were after that post, so you can rest assured that the ones and zeros that make up its being are happy.

Earlier today, however, I wanted to use the Pokéwalker as a pedometer but had nothing in it. It still functions as a pedometer without a critter in it, so I snagged it and went on my way. When I later checked my steps, I discovered that some Wooper (pictured) had started following me around. How's that for awesome?

Frankly, I love Woopers. They're of an advantageous combination of types and are hilarious. Every time they enter battle, they make a noise and hop as they quickly turn back to look at you before facing their enemies, all while making the face shown here. It's so cute and silly that some deranged part of my brain can't let it go without hearing something like "OMG!", "ONOES!", "OH YEAH!", "ROCK ON!", and so forth.

Similarly, one thing I like about simplistic RPG games where they don't show detailed battles is picturing them myself. When I'm playing these games, there's action-packed epic duels going on in my head even if all it's saying on screen is "Wooper used Water Gun". In my mind, it's more along the lines of after slamming into his opponent, Wooper is thrown backwards by his foe's counterattack! Distance now between them, Wooper blasts water out of his mouth, K'Oing his enemy before he even hits the ground.

Anyway, enough gabbing about Pokémon. I need to go watch nostalgic movies to prove to everyone that I'm a geek!


  1. Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who laughed so much when Wooper did that little turn around to look at you!

    I was sad when he evolved into a Quagsire....

    And my Magikarp evolved recently too, so I don't have that around to make me laugh either. ;_;

  2. And here I was thinking I was the only one who imagined epic battles. if no one is around, I pretend like I'm the trainer. I think a lot of people do.

  3. I think you have proved it with the Pokemon :) No need to further show your Geekness. Your Geek card is securely in tact my friend :) Well done and humourous as well.

    Oh noes! Pikachu is wet and can't use Lightning Attack. This has devolved him into a Drown Yellow Rat...

  4. I like Whooper's face in GSC, It's all

  5. Is *that* what that little critter is! :D I have a little 3" plush of this little guy! I got him from a UFO catcher, and he doesn't have any labels, so I'd wondered what he was from. He's cute. ^^

  6. Right, Dan, if you have not already (you probably have though, who am I kidding? Being a Pokemon Geek), Read through RedChocobo's Lets Play Pokemon Crystal (It comes after RedChocobo's Lets Play Pokemon Emerald). It is probably the best reason to like Wooper. Which you are at it, read through Lets Play Pokemon Quartz and Lets Play Pokemon FireRed.

    Being, the Pokemon geek you are, I probably am wasting my breath, suggesting that you read these standard tomes of Misty of Hoenn, Roxy Warrior of Cute, Foxy the Bane of Baro and Sammy of Sevii.