Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Official: I'm Still a Pokémon Geek

I recently acquired one of the "new" Pokémon games (in quotes because it's a remake and they're all basically the same game), and it has subsequently dawned on me that I am still a Pokémon geek.

This fact crystallized for me earlier today when I was looking up the moves for Mareep, an electric sheep Pokémon. Looking that up is in and of itself a bad sign, but what really emphasized the point was when I actually got excited about discovering that my mighty sheep could learn a decent bug-type move at level 32. That is simply not something a normal, decent human being cares about.

As for the game itself, I haven't played much of it yet. I have one badge by virtue of that electric sheep I mentioned zapping the gym leader's birds to oblivion, but given that I've only been playing it while waiting to fall asleep, it will likely be a slow journey. I am, however, confident saying that if you've liked previous Pokémon games that you'll like this one, assuming you're not sick of them. As I've said, every non-spin off Pokémon game is essentially variations and upgrades of the same thing.

These latest versions do come with something new: a "Pokéwalker" dealie that you can transfer Pokémon to and carry around with you for various benefits and mini-games. I've yet to try it, but it functions as a pedometer, so I might take it with me when I venture out later today in my ongoing efforts to fend off cabin fever. I only hope I don't get hit by a truck or something, as it would add insult to mortal injury for the medics to find that thing in my pockets.


  1. This begs the question: Does Dan Shive dream of electric sheep?

    Sorry, couldn't resist the Philip K. Dick joke.

  2. I recently read some webcomic strips from the late nineties. and it had a few strips about Pokemon, about people buying into the hype and everyone playing it. The chapter ended with the craze disappearing and people adjusting to the Next Big Thing.

    And we all thought at the time that Pokemon was just a hype that would go away soon. More than ten years later, we're still playing it.

    If you had told me ten years ago that in 2010, I would pick up a Pokemon game I had never played before and finish it, I would never have believed it. And why? Because in spite of every joke we make about it, it's actually good.

    Sorry for the long comment, just wanted to share my thoughts.

  3. My desires for the games have changed over the years (summed up rather neatly by an IGN article from 2004[1]) but Pokemon still holds a place in my heart.


  4. I dunno, Dan; you gonna make a D&D character with skills based on a Pokémon? (My group made a fighter class based on Kain's fighting style (in FFIV); probably weren't the only ones to do so, though.)

    I should however point out that a lot of people look up moves and such for video game characters; if you're into the game and having fun with it, it's gonna happen.

  5. You might want to consider the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Games, particularly Explorers of Sky. Liking them will depend partly on the kind of games you enjoy (it's a strong, solid rogue-like but with Pokémon for all the characters and monsters) but the thing that really, REALLY stands out in those games is the story and art direction which is simply STUPENDOUSLY PHENOMENAL. It's one of the few games where I was crying over the credits cause I was simply that moved by the story.

    It's a strong contrast to the rather stiff characters and unimaginative story in the main games (though the main games are still absolutely sweet and enjoyable in their own different ways.)

  6. Yeah--still not past the first gym in Heart Gold. As well--I have yet to encounter a Mareep. I mean, I knpw that they are on the route south of the first gym town, but--I have not encountered a single one.

    I do have a Hoppip, a Wooper (one of the main reasons the Everstone was created. To allow Wooper to kick ass with cute) and an Unown from south of the city--but I have yet to see a Mareep.

    I mean--I kind of never really got into Gen 2 (I skipped it, as Gen 1 left a *really* sour taste in my mouth).