Sunday, April 11, 2010


Thanks for the intro, Sinistar.

I've been posting less the past week, and it's primarily been due to three factors: having a cold, finishing my taxes, and prep-work / script editing of the next EGS storyline.

Frankly, though, it was mostly the taxes. They were actually easy to do, but I have this stupid anxiety when it comes to filling out government forms that makes it way more of a hassle than it has any right to be.

Something else I'm up to is submitting more stock images to Shutterstock. I have some images on there already (hence the watermarked Sheep), but it's the sort of thing where it doesn't really pay off unless one submits a lot of potentially useful images. As such, my goal is to submit an average of one image per day. I say average because it's probably best to submit several related image at a time to increase their potential usefulness to people.

That said, it might be worth keeping an eye on my Shutterstock gallery. The images have to be watermarked due to the nature of the site, but I'd like to think that doesn't keep them from being amusing.

I haven't been doing much in terms of the Princess Bride review. With a cold screwing up my voice and other tasks of higher priority, I might do a written review and make the video when it's convenient. It's not what I want to do, but it is the most sensible course of action. Besides, there are a ton of other movies I have to get to, and at this rate I shouldn't work under the assumption that I'm going to make videos for all of them.


  1. You should have seen my first 3 tax forms
    In the first year 2001: bruto salary -40.000 Belgium Franks
    Second Year 2002: € -1000
    Third year 2003: € -1000
    Then ever since '04 to '09 (when I graduated & started working) its been € 0.

    My dad rang & they said it was just to make sure i didn't have to pay taxes.

    Still waiting to see if I want to buy the new pokémon games & got a Starcraft 2 beta key I won in a competition form my ISP (Blizzard hasn't send it yet but I hope it arrives in the coming week).

    The job been boring so I started copycatting webcomics again & a got half a dozen sketches of Ellen & Susan throughout the 9 years of EGS.

  2. Ok its only been 8 years, this weekend or should I say weekendday was very stressfull (2 all nighters or near all nighters on EvE Online (which I rarely do)) made me confuse the year EGS started.