Monday, April 5, 2010

Mama Mia!

The full version of this image is 600x600 pixels, so it's twice as large as what I tend to post here. Larger version at DA Account.(download for full size).

Yesterday, aka Easter, I foolishly joked on Twitter about drawing Princess Peach in a bunny suit and holding a Yoshi Egg. This was a joke, but then I wanted to draw it.

In my mind, the narrative is that Mario is out on a mission, and Princess Peach is helping by providing Yoshi eggs. Which, of course, begs the question: what the hell is Mario's mission? Peach is clearly not captured by Bowser, so... what? Was Luigi kidnapped? Some foe from the Mario RPGs who doesn't care about Peach?

I have no idea. This image of a princess ruler of a mushroom kingdom in a bunny outfit who is handing out dinosaur eggs that hatch out full-sized to assist a stocky plumber who can jump twelve feet into the air and teleport through pipes has somehow managed to confuse me.


  1. Peach helping Mario. Daisy in similar outfit helping Luigi.

    Princess Rosalina is the one who got kidnapped.

  2. Now I want to play the game that EJNine described...XD

  3. That is the way Mario Brothers for the Wii should have been. Two princesses and two plumbers. Not a princess, two plumbers and two 'shromms.

  4. Actually, yeah, that would've been good. I would argue for Princess Peach and Toad because of Mario 2, but there are other princesses, aren't there? Be it Rosalina or Daisy, they could have had two princesses and it would have been better than shrooms.

    Also, the bunny outfits would solve the skirt problem!

  5. Lets see? New Super Mario Brothers Wii character list?
    * Wario
    * Toad
    * Toadette
    * Mario
    * Luigi
    * Peach
    * Daisy
    * Rosalina
    * Pauline
    * Waluigi
    * Baby Mario
    * Baby Luigi
    * Baby Peach

    Personally, if they were to actually make use of their downloadable content systems more, it would be nice to see the following in expansions:
    * Vivian (hooray for gender bending charactes!)
    * Geno (easily the most loved one shot character ever)
    * Lord Fawful
    * Donkey Kong
    * Diddy Kong
    * Dixie Kong
    * Kiddie Kong
    * Mouser (admit it: it would be a favourite)
    * Birdo (which would be odd with Birdo, male, riding Yoshi, who is canonically female)

    Also: I think I explained the Mario Brothers series sufficently here:

  6. Yoshi's a girl?



    Canonically, Birdo is a cross-dressing creature, who was retconned into a full female. As for the mouth, his/her whole species has that.

    And Yoshis are asexual, both genders can lay eggs....

    So we have the most gender-ambiguous couple of all-time here.