Friday, April 2, 2010

Son Of A...

So I've decided that I really want to try and do a good job with this whole video review thing and that the headset just wasn't going to cut it, so I ordered a relatively inexpensive, but well reviewed, microphone and a pop filter. For those who are unaware, a pop filter is something you put between you and the microphone to cut down on wind interference and "pop" noises from "p" sounds and the like.

Well, I'm still waiting on the mic, but the pop filter has arrived! ...And it has a hole in the screen. I have not even opened the package, and there is a hole in the screen. In fact, there are two screens in the apparatus, and both have a hole in the same spot. These holes are off-center and the screen may very well be capable of warding off pops, which would be enough, but I'm not even sure I should open the package to try.

Then again, I haven't tried the mic yet, and I'm expecting it tomorrow. Maybe it has some sort of unadvertised pop prevention built in and I'll be able to return this thing and get my money back without having to wait for a replacement to record anything. That could happen, right? Even though the packaging for the pop filter shows a mic that looks exactly like the mic I ordered, I might not really need it, right? Right?



  1. Well, it's MILDLY possible you won't need it, of the one with the holes works fine...
    If I were you, I'd return it, though.
    Even it it means waiting for a replacement, return it A.S.A.P!!! Then, when you record with the mic, you can see how well it works without, and if it's not that good... then at least you have a replacement on the way already. You can still do your recordings while you are waiting, too.

  2. I'm very good at keeping my plosives out of the mic, so I've never found the use in a pop filter. My friend can't live without a pop filter, though, so to each their own I guess. You should definitely return the broken pop filter without opening it.

  3. If you absolutely have to go without a pop filter some people recommend having the microphone to the side of you with the recording volume upped a bit.

    Never tried it so I can't say it works but hey, worth a shot, right?

    And I agree. Returning the pop filter seems like the best way to go.

  4. Definitely return the broken filter for a replacement. Even if the mic is good at keeping out the pops, it'll be useful to have in case you ever get a mic that doesn't.

  5. I believe you can make your own:

    I'm not sure about the effectiveness of your home made filter, but you can try it while the replacement arrives.

  6. Thanks for the advice. The only reason, and I mean ONLY reason I was considering trying it out was impatience and wanting to get started ASAP (plus this weekend is a convenient time to do so for a few reasons). I have decided, however, to send this sucker back and just drive out to a guitar center and get a pop filter from there, knowing full well if it's defective prior to even taking out my wallet.

    It will also give me an opportunity to pretend I'm in a band. I will claim to be the lead singer and make several jokes mocking my fictional band's drummer.

  7. I was going to suggest putting a sock over your mic, in temporary lieu of pop filter. But it looks like you already have a plan for today...

  8. I've actually considered the sock solution, but the thought of having something intended for feet over my microphone... logically, it would be fine, particularly if it solved the problem, but that would just bug the heck out of me ^^;