Monday, July 5, 2010

I... MIGHT Have Been Sick?

Have you ever concluded that you might have had a fever? As in, you didn't think you were sick at the time, but in retrospect the evidence suggests that maybe you were?

Last night, my face felt hot, I had a headache, it was difficult to think straight, and I felt the need to lie down and stay down before it was even 9 pm. At the time, I just concluded it was the heat, but the air conditioning had been on and I had a fan going once it was off, so it wasn't actually all that hot inside. In addition, I wound up turning off the rotate function on my fan because my forehead would feel hot the instant the fan turned away from it.

I dunno, maybe it really was just the heat outside getting to me. I guess I'll never know for certain, but I'm drinking plenty of fluids and staying out of the heat today.


  1. Dan glad to hear it wasn't anything too serious!

  2. I read your first paragraph to my friend and he said, "Yes, when I went to the hopital for my appendix, they asked, 'Do you have a fever?' and I said, 'I don't know, maybe.' And then they took my temperature and I had a temp of 105." While this has happened to me once or twice, his story was much better than any of mine, so you get that one.

  3. I've had that happen before, good to hear it wasn't anything serious. I rarely have fevers, or even get sick, so when I feel something like that coming on I know I'm about to get hit hard with something nasty.

  4. I have a high tolerance for discomfort and pain. I've apparently gone to work super sick before and only thought I was "a little tired" my coworkers were actually concerned...