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EGS Twitter Survey for October 25, 2010

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Before I get to the question, I just want to remind people that I'm not going to post adult content or swearing that goes beyond what one might reasonably expect seeing in the comic itself. Please also keep that in mind when making comments on this blog.

And now, ze question:

What comment would you leave on someone's video of Justin and Super F-Elliot fighting the fire monster?

"Totally faked. You can see digital artifacts around the fire monster. Still, pretty good effect and great martial arts. 4/5"

"This is just an advertising stunt. Ten bucks says there's a product called 'Man on Fire' or something by next week."

"That's 'shopped. I can see the wires, and there's to smoke. If that's real, a physics professor is crying somewhere."

is someone making a film? Amazing special fx. Do they need extras?

Totally shopped

"I call BS. Never believe anything on the internet! It does look friggin' awesome though! Kudos to whoever made it!"

Wow those are really good special effects, what's the movie and when does it come out?

well, I'd post the "Oh, that's totally fake" comment, while grabbing my camera and dashing out to try and find these people.

Great SFX for a low budget movie!

It looks good, but the lack of smoke on the fire guy ruins the illusion.

Hot! lol, Get it? Because they are good looking and they are fighting a fire monster? I know, I'm lame, lol.

Yeah I've used after effects too, it's a cool program.

This is either viral marketing for some new movie, or some awesome group drumming up publicity for their own projects.

"I can tell it's a shop from some of the pixels and seeing a few shops in my time"

I would say, "Congratulations. That's the most realistic fake I've ever seen. Did you use a green screen?"

Comment I'd leave: "Shopped, totally fake. Any idiot could see that."

Seriously, that is so shopped. I have a friend who knows a guy who made a Bigfoot video in AfterEffects that got on NBBC news!

I would leave something like, "Nice effects! When's the full trailer being released?"

Youtube comment: "This was all caused by invisible time traveling monkeys from a parallel universe, and the Government!"

"Oh please, the so-called attack on Moperville South had better special effects."

Looks photoshopped. Yeah, the fire guy isn't smoking. Definitely photoshopped.

"Obviously faked. The shadows don't match up. Amateurish."

Nice special effects, what did you use to make them?

"fake, looks photoshopped"

Good special effects, great looking actress. *Favorited and shared*

Being the skeptical person I am, probably "I can't wait to see the Mythbusters episode on this"

this looks shopped. i mean, where's the smoke? the burn marks? and is she flying? this is so fake.


"This looks shopped. I can tell by the pixels."

Nice FX, dood! You should work@ Lucasfilm!

So obviously done in After effects.

that might be the only time where the YouTube comment "FAKE AND GAY" would actually be appropriate.

my comment: When is the movie coming out?

"Totally fake, someone modified it with Windows Movie Maker...but it does look cool!"

I probably wouldn't. I'd think the female superhero was hot, but so would most people, so why say what everyone knows?

What kind of cg is this?

"I'm fairly sure I can see the strings. Get some realistic effects!"

I wouldn’t comment since I’d have nothing to say that anyone would want to hear, but I would like, fave and download the video.

that was beyond awesome. what movie are they shooting for?

My comment: "Holy s***! This happened in El Goonish Shive just the other day!" Or maybe, "This must be special effects."

*long dissection abaut why it's a bad fake*

"Viral Video much?"

I'd probably comment something about great special effects, and ask where they filmed it; "the scenery damage is done well~"


Probably fake. But if not... our world is changed forever. This might be time to rejoice or to despair; history will tell.

My Answer:

This gets a bit tricky, as according to the comic, the video belongs to my doppelganger. There's also something nobody seemed to consider, which was that this would inevitably one of many videos from multiple users. Then again, a good reason for that is I didn't mention anything about there being more videos in the question, so why would I expect people to respond as though there were?

As such, assuming it was NOT me who posted the video and that there was only the one video, I'd probably say "that looks pretty real. How'd they do that?" Pretty much in the vein of what everyone else has been saying, but it's the pretty natural response to something like this.


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  2. I feel as though the soul of Youtube has been truly captured here. Now all it needs is more profanity, typos, and comments on Elliot's boobs.

  3. Definitely needs some "No wai, ti's totally reel!"

    "I don't think it's shopped, maybe they had some kind of flame suit? If it's hydrogen the flames wouldn't make much smoke."


    "Hey, isn't this that town with the creepy weird girl? Maybe it has something to do with that."

  4. Yeah, there needs to be an exchange that goes something like this (scroll down and then read up).

    D: lol b00bies
    A: @B myfriend sez he nows a gai who nos a gue who faked it.
    C: isnt that wear that newsreport with teh creepy little gurl is form?
    B: @A ur just a dum sceptic howd they fake the chick flying then?!??!!
    A: @B ur a f***ing moron people dont busrt n2 flame lik that
    B: @A no, its reel i swear! theres a whole bunch of these videos
    A: ttly fake i can see the pixles

  5. Of course, "tits/pics or it didn't happen" weren't mentioned since this has both.

  6. Needs at least one comment from someone who claims they were there, followed by a massive rage-fueled argument.

  7. I posted the one about the green screen. The rest are hilarious.

  8. "Well, of COURSE it's 'shopped. Duh. But it's a damn GOOD 'shop job. Great effects, entertaining, and good (looking and acting) actors. Whoever made this really has a future in Hollywood. Wish there were credits."


  10. Multiple long-term users who all know each other IRL posting similar videos simultaneously isn't unheard of for a scam.

    And yeah, not enough arguing. If this was posted, it would devolve into a debate on vigilantism and the second amendment at some point, just because it's Youtube comments and that's what happens.

  11. A real YouTube comment: Hai gais, wuz da musik at 0:34?

  12. I'd say:
    "The worst part was at xx:xx" (xx:xx being the endpoint)
    It's kinda funny the prevalence of the "This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time" meme.
    Still, I'd think it's a movie.

  13. I'd most likely think it was pretty cool amateur stuff. If it indeed were marked danshive, I would raise an eyebrow in appreciation. I'm not the kind to post on the tube unless the video was by someone I knew personally though.

    ... and they were a bit harsh on the fire guy. (well, that depends on when the video starts)

  14. OMG where did it happen I want to meet a super chick *dashes out the house*