Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blargh... Sunday...

Hm... I should post at least one interesting thing a day here. Haven't done much yet today, though. I'm still getting back on a good sleeping schedule since New Years.

Let's see, interesting... interesting... Oh! I have a Batman action figure on my desk. Yeah, I was making jokes on Twitter about how Batman was telling me to do all these things like sit up straight and work harder, and I decided to buy a small action figure of him to help remind me to do these things.

I know it's a little silly, but... what's that, Batman? Why did I sleep so late today? I'm still recovering from staying up late on New Years Eve. ...Yes, I know the early robin gets the worm, but... I was... I just... DUDE, IT'S SUNDAY! BACK OFF, BATMAN!

Yeesh. If he keeps this up, he's gonna get replaced by my Chris Griffin figure. He won't judge me.


  1. That's a good plan. I might have to get myself a motivating Batman.

  2. I think you might be onto a new marketing niche for DC comics - Motivational action figures. They would have accusatory poses and maybe a bluetooth connection to download new motivational sayings from the subscription site :-p

  3. Well It's good to know that your action figure has nice things to say... Mine just curses me behind my back and moves my stuff around my desk, so that it is difficult to find it again.