Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh, The Shame, The Shame Of It All!

So, yeah. I recently acquired the latest incarnation of Pokemon and tried out the Pokewalker. These facts have inspired this sketch (as always, click for full size):

THE SHAME! Although, in reality all I would have to do would be have an Eevee follow me around and women would flock to it. I'd be ignored entirely, of course, but there'd certainly be less shame.


  1. Girl reminds me of Reporter Lady from the Moperville News. Who is she?

  2. ... is that Princess Peach?

    ... it is, it totally is!

  3. I Think that lady looks like a mix of both Peach and the reporter lady. I've also seen the face of Dan here on an ad for this very blog! I KNEW I saw that face before!

  4. I think most female humans would flock to you if you had an Eevee following you around. Heck, if I had one following me around I'd have to take cuddle breaks every few minutes.