Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Name Is Dan Shive. You Read My Blog. Prepare To... Um... Read More?

I have finally seen The Princess Bride. I intend to record my thoughts on it tomorrow, and make the video during my leisure time over the next week (as opposed to playing video games or hopscotch).

The video itself will mostly be narration with still images that I've drawn or appropriate stills from the movie, but there is some animation planned. This isn't intended to be a huge task, so what animation there will be will be limited, but I will do my best to give a good presentation. Most of what I want to animate is my avatar as the host, which is relatively simple given that I'll be using Flash and will essentially be posing a puppet. The hardest part is the lip sync, but that's actually not that hard to do in Flash. It's just that it's about as tedious as watching paint dry.

Given yesterday's sound test, I'm going to go ahead and get right to working on this review over making the "How To Draw A Dragon" test. I already know what I need to know, so I'd rather leave that on the back burner and get the review done first.

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