Saturday, April 3, 2010

YouTube Sound Test

The embedded video (one instance of "hell" being said) is simply the previous post in audio form with comments from the nerdy squirrel avatar thrown in. It was a test of many things, one of which being conversion of stuff made in Flash to something I can actually upload.

This image looks a bit blurry because I wound up sizing up the video with the solution I used, which wound up involving Windows Movie Maker to make a "DVD Quality" version before the final web one. Not perfect, but it's worked well so far.

By the way, it's worth noting that this was all one take with no do-overs and I was dumb and didn't turn my head away while taking breaths. Well, not "dumb", really, given that I was testing the pop filter's capabilities, but it's something I should do for future recordings.

I'll eventually try out recording with the software that came with the mic. I recorded and edited this via Audacity, and it's not perfect. I mean, it's really good and miles beyond what I was able to get before, but I detect some minor issues. This may be just me listening to it too much and the fact that my computer's speakers are in the monitor (i.e. not the best), but then one of the reasons I'm posting this sound test is for feedback.

Oh, um, considering I WANT feedback, you may be wondering why I disabled comments on YouTube. People wondering this have clearly not spent much time reading comments on YouTube.


  1. That was an awesome rant.

    And MacGuyver-esque is my new favorite "word".

  2. One time, I took apart and repaired a pencil sharpener by bending the clip off of a pen.

    For really wide heads, you might also consider: the handle on a toenail clipper, the "wrong" end of a chopstick, one prong of an electrical plug, a soda tab, etc...

  3. This is kind of tangential to your post, but are you aware that you sound EXACTLY like The Cinema Snob?

    At any rate, this sounds equally as professional as most of the videos on, say, That Guy With the Glasses (a bit less tinny than Linkara, in fact), so I would say you're doing just fine.

  4. It's actually likely that you're supposed to use a coin (in this case probably a nickel) to unscrew it.

    The PS2's Network Adaptor has that sort of screw, and the instructions it comes with actually say to use a nickel. I suspect because US, JP, and EU currency all have coinage of a similar size.

  5. I never knew your voice sounded like that, it's awesome. As for the mic, I think it's working fine, I'm really looking forward to any animations you do!

  6. Dan you sound a lot like a guy in my corp/alliance on EvE Online, or he sounds a lot like you.

    Being European I can't give an aswer on the mic questioon as i rly use headset mic's.

  7. I amy have to checkout if they sell that mic here. Sounds nice. I'd be interested in that pop software you mention as well.

    Nickle sized: I assume you tried one. :P

    Not trying to be too sarcastic here, actually I'm killing time while I install Bioshock 2 on my PC. It came with a record, a RECORD! I don't have a record player but it will look nice next to my 1980s vintage Warhammer record.

  8. Huh, your voice seems deeper than I remember, but I only heard you once from like that video about you following a deer. It sounds rather nerd-ish, but I guess we nerds are required to, eheh. At least its not like comic book guy. You could do voice acting for cartoons, its possibly unique enough to be memorable. Keep it in small doses though, we tend to sound like annoying radio personalities when we ramble on. ;)

  9. Oh wow, it would be impossible to describe how far from your actual voice the voice I always mentally gave you is. Seriously jarring. Wierd, don't know why I had that imagined voice. I never even imagined you with an american accent, despite knowing that you were in fact american. Ah well, adapt and survive eh?