Saturday, April 3, 2010

This mic is great! Wait, what's with the--NOOOOO~!!!

The new microphone is great. I tested it by an open window and still barely got any background noise, and what I got should be nothing Audacity can't handle. I also got a new pop filter, so I should be ready to test everything.

Should being the keyword because apparently mic stands are different in Europe and the makers of this microphone apparently felt it best to pre-install the European adapter screw thus making it incompatible with the stand it came with until I can figure out how to remove it which I am finding exceedingly difficult as there is no tool in my possession designed for this purpose and the microphone can't stand on it's own once the USB cord is connected and even if I drive back out to Guitar Center to buy a separate stand I will still have to contend with removing the adapter because I'm betting they don't sell European stands and even if they did why would I buy one short of assuming all future microphones I may own are going to be European and that's not even taking into account the fact that something like that is probably low in supply and demand so if they did have one they'd likely import it and sell it for more so what the hell why did this thing come pre-installed why couldn't they have left that decision up to me?!

Seriously, an adapter is an extra "you might need this, but the majority probably won't unless they're traveling" sort of thing. I appreciate it being included, but I don't understand why it came already screwed in there. It looks like it could be taken out with an over-sized screwdriver, but I don't think I have a screwdriver with this huge a tip. Heck, I don't think I've ever seen one with this huge a tip. The gap is, like, nickel-sized.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll figure something out and I'm pleased that I will finally be able to record with some measure of quality, but I find this particularly ridiculous. If you know why they packaged it this way, please put me in my place and tell me, because right now I'm just baffled. There was room in the box for it, but I guess they might have saved a tiny amount on plastic per unit sold by having it screwed in there?

EDIT: And two seconds with a pair of scissors used in a MacGyver-esque fashion solved the problem. Ah well. Was still fun to rant.


  1. "Heck, I don't think I've ever seen one with this huge a tip. The gap is, like, nickel-sized."

    I think thats a good starter idea just use a pair of needle nose pliers and a nickel as a makeshift screwdriver.

    The funny thing for me I own close to 300~400 different screwdrivers sense I worked in PC respire and Electrical for quite a while, and yet 90% of the time I would wined up just using a pocket knife. Never leave home with out a really, dull pocket knife thats my motto. It seems to be able to replace nearly every tool needed to work on a system in a pinch.

  2. What mic is it? Been lookin' for a decent one for a bit now.

  3. If the gap is nickel sized. . .

    Use a nickel!

  4. ... Hey Dan, did you buy the Alesis podcasting kit? I bought one of those two weeks ago. Came with a weird adapter but mine was fairly easy to pop off. The mic is amazing though. - (note: been reading EGS since before grace showed up lolz)