Thursday, November 11, 2010

EGS Twitter Survey for November 10, 2010

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Nicknames can suck, can't they? I mean, when they're good, they're good. I once had the nickname Dandave, and I thought it was nifty keen! When they're bad, however...

Elliot can either reinforce or counter the cheerleader persona. Which should he do, and how?

Deny it by declaring himself a proper super hero name.

Counter it! Get advice from Justin & Tedd on a new costume. Unlikely, I know, but think of the result! *swoon*

He should counter it, because the name sucks and he has pride. He should show up in football pads next time.

If he ever decides to go out as a superhero again, he should change up the costume to counter the perception.

I'm going to say counter mostly namewise. "It sounds like a cheerleader with multiple heads."

I'd ignore it, actively countering it would probably reinforce it in the eye's of those on the internet.

Counter it. Avoid the superhero thing at all, but when needed, do different costumes each time.

He should counter it. Would morphing a new costume really be that difficult?

Counter! She/he can wear something like he did when training at the dojo, and give his/herself a name relating to that.

I say reject. She needs to quote Chomsky or Ayn Rand in front of the camera.

All depends on how much control he has over his outfit. Given that this is EGS, though, he probably can't do anything about it

he/she should counter it, I could see alot of comedy emerge from the sitch.

If he sticks with it, he'll be more well known faster. So it depends on how much publicity he wants.

A new, less cheerleader..y, outfit and the name "Mopergirl" would be grande. Unimaginative, but nice enough.

Honestly? He should take Mr. Verres's inevitable advice, and never ever go out in that guise again. Too dangerous.

Counter persona with an extreme persona that is more preferable Considering the enemy? Firefighter theme called Extinguisher

Reinforce. Simply because it makes more sense. How is an entirely different matter, though...

Counter. Cheerleader = bimbo in too many minds, cheerleader = arrogant in too many others. BAD image to have.


I'd say counter, and go with a costume change to something with an obvious emblem (not sure what, though).

I doubt he likes the cheerleader thing, but you seem to. I don't know. Perhaps he should switch to Girl-Man?


I'd say Elliot should counter the idea, probably by coming up with a better one.

next time he turns into a superhero, shout at the top of his (her?) lungs "I AM NOT A CHEERLEADER!"

He should counter it by being a total bad *** super hero and update her/his clothes to something more bad. yeah.

He SHOULD totally dress up even more like a cheerleader and fight off evil with pom-poms!

I feel he should counter it. Not sure HOW, but, yeah.

GO EXTREME! Think Power Girl but in leather! Stiletto heals! Just imagine the fanboy appeal! And the fangirl appeal!

Reinforce it. He likes doing good things. Though he may need to adjust his features a tad bit for others sake.

The alternatives are probably worse. I can't see him as Badass Girl or Intellectual Girl. Just make the best of a bad situation

Reinfoce it! It'll help protect the original identity, and it'll give you an out for Justin. Use a baton and pom-poms!

It would make sense for him to counter it, and in turn for it to catch on even more.

He should have a montage where he tries to create an awesome costume, but then have everyone call him Cheerledra anyway lol

Best route is probably after defeating an enemy have them shaped into a letter. Then can leave messages threw fallen foes.

Counter it by modifying his superhero form into something completely different.

He should switch to a Power Girl style costume undoing the Cheerleader thing with boobwindowage.

Depends what you where you want to go with it - reinforce for funny, or counter for seriousness drama, I think :P


Counter it. Elliot should go all Great Saiyaman/woman on us!

He should work on making his Tamashii Gekido look like pom poms.

Instead insist that he is anime fuku girl. A broadcast of the information update overtop the new broadcast using Uryuom tech.

Hmm, I say go with it, so long as he doesn't act like a total ditz to reinforce the idea.

I think he should counter the cheerleader persona. I didn't think "She's a cheerleader!" when I saw her. I thought SuperGirl.

My Response to Your Answers:

I'm just laughing at the more frantic of the "counter" responses ^_^

My Answer:

Reinforce the hell out of it! Nah, just kidding. This is another "it could be a spoiler to answer for reals" deal, so I hope you all like the latest sketchbook.


  1. I can't believe I'm the ONLY ONE who thought of Girl-Man!

  2. I would say counter, by next time wearing a business suit. (Still with a cape.)