EGS Twitter Surveys

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All you have to go on are the internet cell phone videos. You've just seen Arthur say it was real on a cable news program. Your response?

You're still you, but have taken Justin's place in this comic. How do you respond to Elliot's question from panel four?

Do you agree with Grace's comments about morphing and looking like people in this comic?

If you had to pick five characters from EGS to cosplay as the Scooby Doo gang, including Scooby, who would you pick for which roles?

You just totally kicked a monster 100 feet into a river in front of tons of witnesses. How do you explain being able to do this?

Elliot can either reinforce or counter the cheerleader persona. Which should he do, and how?

How would you answer Carol's question?

Grace needs to comfort mild mannered Elliot! How should she do this?

There is one cupcake left. Both Grace and mild mannered girl Elliot are making puppy-dog faces. Who gets the cupcake?

Role reversal: what would it take for you to believe someone claiming they're your friend but have been turned into the opposite gender?

You're temporarily transformed. You're the opposite gender and look very different. How do you prove you're you?

What comment would you leave on someone's video of Justin and Super F-Elliot fighting the fire monster?

How would you react if it was you in today's story comic?