Sunday, November 7, 2010

EGS Twitter Survey for November 5, 2010

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What I find funny here is that if Grace was the recipient of the cupcake after the previous question, she'd probably wind up giving it up on account of this question. Why? Well...

Grace needs to comfort mild mannered Elliot! How should she do this?

hugs and ice cream of course

By turning into a Squirrel-cat and curling up on his/her head.

"Elliot, you've had a rough day. We should go relax in the bath!"

Always comfort a girl with cake, preferably chocolate, and listening.

hugs of course

Grace turns into a cute bear and bear hugs Elliot, with bear puns around since its bear-ry cute.

with a hug of course!

She should comfort her by telling female Ted to make cupcakes, duhh :D

Platonic Friendship Hug!

Cupcakes is (are?), and will be, the only acceptable answer. I challenge any naysayers to a duel.

She should totally..... you know what? I'm not sure MM-Elliot would find that entirely comforting.

nudity, of course

 I say a pat on the back, arm around the shoulders in a friendly way. After all he is very confused right now and might implode

Ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream - it is the only surefire way!

Hug. Big, cuddly hug. Preferably delivered via glomp.

hug, in a platonic fashion, and tell an anecdote about a situation that could be seen as similar and turned out well.

Right now a hug from Grace would make mild-mannered Elliot very uncomfortable. Verbal reassurance only. Sorry Tedd.

Panel 4!

By giving him the cupcake.

braiding his (her?) Hair into pigtails.

Bake him/her a batch of peanut butter brownies!

I think it would be cute if she patted him/her on the head


Tell him about all the ditzy things she's done before! Also, hugs. And cupcakes, if possible.

I like the hugging idea.

Give her a glass of warm milk and a pillow and send her up to bed in some cute footie PJs? Mild mannered remember?

She should hug him/her and drape her antennae over his head in a cute way. :-) Probably while saying something embarrassing.

Hug 'her' until 'she' cries out in pain. Malicious hugs: they solve all your problems.

Hugs. Always go with the hugs. Then probably say something embarrassing but cute and true about small chests, or squishy hugs.

My idea of comfort is a little to past Tedd's to be shown here.

Other options being out of character for both people, I think Grace should give MMElliot some ice cream.

Elliot's been needing a smack upside the head for quite a while now. It's time for Grace to give it to him.

Antennae hugs!

Elliot sits down, Grace snuggles against her and lets her talk. Cuddles her head maybe with hairtenna?

Turn into a koala, let Elliot pet her.

She should comfort Elliot with a hug, to include antenna. And possibly with a cupcake.

A warm Hug lasting three panels, and then an offer to bake cupcakes together!

with a hug, of course! Hugs are rad! Do people still say "rad?" Who cares! Hugs!

Hugs and cookies.

Jokingly, I reply with, "Sexily". Though, physical contact shouldn't be too awkward because of their history. I say hugs.

Hugs. Hugs and chocolate. Hugs, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and a promise of pizza later.

Some warm cookies and chocolate milk, followed by a nice relaxing sit in a hot tub.

Gives her a big hug, and then pets her hair.

Grace Slaps her with a Tuna

Survey answer: [redacted] and [redacted] and maybe a [redacted]!

Hugs and ice cream

Give her a bear hug. No, wait. A SQUIRREL HUG. As sexy as that sounds, I would NOT want to be on the receiving end xD

Platonic Grace-initiated snuggling, with Elliot nervous but comforted.

in response to the latest survey, Grace should stroke her hair while maybe some cheek to cheek nuzzling goes on

I say a hug, a hug is always nice. Either that or a cupcake.

hugs. hugs are good.

Grace should give MME waffles. Food is comfort.

she should turn into a squirrel and run all over her body really fast cuz it would tickle and tickles are super fun! >.>

Grace should comfort Elliot by volunteering to be her plucky sidekick and ward!

by making out

I don't have any ideas, but I'm sure that Tedd got some indecent ones!

Hugs and morph trainning

I think she should take Ted's advice, and listen to her instincts.

Hug and a batch of cookies shared over a Pixar movie. Maybe WALL-E or Up?

Hmm. The only thing that comes to mind is perhaps holding her hands. Being mildly mannered Grace couldn't do much more.

I think you should decide. I haven't got any particular ideas outside of hugging.

A hug, naturally. A normal one if Elliot feels comfortable with it, or one just around the shoulders if he doesn't.

My Response to Your Answers:

Surprisingly few inappropriate responses! Well, maybe "inappropriate" isn't the right word... Teddish? Although it's worth noting that the third one from the top is an excerpt from a longer e-mail that had somewhat more... detail than that, but it's probably best not to get into it.

Anyway, my favorite answer was the one that said Grace actually should smack Elliot upside the head.  I'm not sure if I agree he has it coming, but I like it when Grace slaps people upside the head. Granted, she's only done it once before, but that was enough for me to reach this determination.

My Answer:

While somewhat awkward, a hug from Grace would truly be comforting. Hell, hugs in general are comforting. Short of being hugged by someone you don't want to hug, hugs are pretty universally awesome. Even a hug from Tedd would probably be nice, though one from Mr. Verres would probably be terrifying simply on account of how out of character it would seem.


  1. I think a good number of us had Tedd "knee"-jerk thoughts. Deities know I did. But, I then considered what an appropriate response would be and went for the joke, anyways. My response was, "Jokingly, I reply with, "Sexily". Though, physical contact shouldn't be too awkward because of their history. I say hugs."

    I'm glad that I went with hugs. They are nice from friends. :)

  2. Jeremy form cat girl hug, here's the argument (though short)
    1)cats can be very comforting
    2)So are hugs
    3)Same applies to Grace at times
    4)Jeremy has a ability to keep people still
    So, by combining all of the above,
    Jeremy form Grace would be able to keep Elliot still long enough to comfort with hugs!

  3. Oops, nvm previous comment, did not see you had chosen... sadness

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