Monday, November 29, 2010

EGS Twitter Survey for November 22, 2010

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I'm not sure how survey heavy this week is gonna be. I only asked one last week on account of the holidays, and I'm thinking it's best not to force a question for each update. Quality over quantity, or something... in any case, here's the question from last week:

You're still you, but have taken Justin's place in this comic. How do you respond to Elliot's question from panel four?

ummm... Sure?

"hell yeah, that is so cool!" what else would you expect to say when someone asks a question like that?

"What, now?" *Eyes flick to see if Elliot is wearing a skirt, then mentally upbraid myself for being so base and silly.*

The videos or for reals?

I pause, blush, stare awkwardly at my feet for a few moments, then say "Sure." I'm fairly certain my voice cracks.

Either "some other time", "you can fly in THAT [mild-mannered] form?" or "...dude, what?"

"umm, ok?"

I would love to see you fly.

"You're already fly." ... ... ... "Oh, I mean, I already saw you fly." Blushing all around. ^_^;

Why, yes. Yes I do. Y'think maybe you could take me flying with you?

I'd respond something like, "Um, are you all right?" I'm not all that good at reading body language in real life.

Hell yes.

"Sure thing, babycakes. Anytime." That is how I would answer that question.

Isn't that what got us into the pickle. I understand some risk have to be taken, but that's a train into a cow mess of an idea.

"Za? Right now? But I saw you fly already. Are you ok? You look a little flushed."*playing the not-clued in guy..naturally*

I'd laugh and say that was cheesey (in a friendly not-insulting kind of way).

"Is that a euphemism or something? Because if so, yes."


I'd say something like, "yeah, sure." I'd probably feel awkward about the blushing, but, I dunno.

*blush* "Um, maybe later."

"are you crazy? now is not the time or the place. Why are you staring at me like I have some sort of weird flower aura?"

much as I'd love to say something suave (or not, cause Elliot, but... gender TFs confuse my moral compass! XP)... "yeah, sure"

I'd innocently say "hell yeah", because I'd probably not notice her blushing.

Right here, in the basement? Totally! Just watch for lamps and peoples heads.

I saw you fly away myself. I was there.

My answer: Definitely! We've got to see if you're producing any sort of thrust or just... floating when you hover. #nerdgasm

I've already seen you fly. Silly goose.

Only, it you'll take my hand so I can fly with you

I'd have to say yes, wondering why the heck (s)he's blushing. I'd probably add caveats about waiting until it was dark.

I would blush then say "heh yeah" While still having a look of awe on my face because super hero's are cool.

Completely missing her meaning, I’d reply “I did, I was there, remember?” or “Sure, show me.”, depending on if I was there.

Nah. I've already seen you fly. Call me when you learn a new trick.

What is this...I don't even...*head asplode*

Yes. A thousand times, yes.

"You're on!" *flies off into the distance*

"And get rid of a perfectly good disguise? Maybe later"

"Didn't I already... Wait, what's with that look?"

Either, "Heck yeah," or "Can you take me flying?" I mean really, how would that not be awesome?

I already saw you fly, and while we're on the subject, that short skirt is a bad idea.

My Response to Your Answers:

It's interesting to see how many people admitted that they would probably not pick up on the subtext of Elliot's question. I mean, yeah, it's something a lot of people would miss, but here are several people admitting to it. Kudos.

My Answer:

I would probably stutter something about having seen her fly earlier. I am extremely sensitive to people's facial expressions and body language, so I'm fairly certain I would pick up on it. That sounds really conceited, I know, but I'd be lying if I said otherwise. Picking up on it and being able to properly respond are too entirely different things, however, and I'm pretty sure I would succeed in the first regard and fail in the second.

That, or I would feign ignorance, but I doubt I'd pull that off when unexpectedly put on the spot like that.


  1. Are you kidding? This is Justin we're talking about, and his love interest is a girl...again. He'd probably be too grossed out to answer her question, or fantasizing about Super Elliot (male, of course).

  2. Honestly I would make a crude sexual joke as I tend to do. Probably something like "No, I wanna make you fly." or something like that. I have a feeling that Susan and I would be friends *sarcasm level5*

  3. um... i would like to say no... but... your so cute... i cant... damn it... yes... yes i do