Saturday, December 4, 2010

EGS Twitter Survey for December 1, 2010

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I have issues with cable news. Not a specific channel, mind you. My issue is with news running 24/7. Sometimes, there just isn't anything worth reporting, or there's just nothing new to say about the latest big news. If you're a cable news network, however, not only do you have to fill that time, but you have to fill it with things that attract viewers away from other networks. It leads to less than objective, and less accurate, reporting.

That said, even if I don't agree with the hosts, I fully approve of editorial shows on those networks. So long as it's clear that the content of that program is editorial, it reduces the amount of air time devoted to trying to fill the inevitable news voids with sensationalized news.

Granted, I don't watch any of those editorial programs and I've heard bad things about many of the ones that do exist, but I still say that having shows on news networks that aren't desperately trying to fill every moment with shocking up-to-the-minute news could theoretically help keep cable news honest. That said, the survey question:

All you have to go on are the internet cell phone videos. You've just seen Arthur say it was real on a cable news program. Your response?

Oh great, another of these loons. Next thing, he'll say that the Parthenon is a spaceship. ...Wait, he's an 'official consultant'? Perhaps it's true, and things won't be the same!

Either "Who is THIS guy?" and "Yay - Cheerleadra is real!"

"He's a nutcase, who picked him, who is that guy REALLY, change the channel"

How did this crazy old man manage to get on TV...

A great big fat "who cares?" Magic and superheroes might be nice, but I don't live in Moperville so it doesn't affect me.


I believed it was real in the first place.

What? There's no...What? Oh wait, he said former consultant. Maybe this is a movie thing.

Torn between "He's a crackpot. Are his credentials legit?" and "It's a double-bluff. But need more info."

Wait... that was REAL?! Holy #$%! holy #$%! holy #$%! holy #$%! holy #$%! SO AMAZING

"Wait, so the biggest skeptic is saying that it's real? And this isn't an episode of 'Pwn'd'? I wonder what else is out there."

bull#$%@! Nothing on cable news is true.

Pull the other one.I'd be shocked, but ultimately unconvinced. The multiple camera angles would be the most convincing, but not -quite- enough.

"Wait for it... Wait for it... There's a punchline here somewhere..." Deep down, tho: "Please don't be a joke..."

My response would be "...oh, I hope to hell we're getting trolled. If that's for-real, things are gonna get bad soon..."

Conspiracy theorist or nutter.

Response: Yeah f***ing right. *turns the channel* What a senile old nutjob.

"Not enough information to determine a response"?

On YouTube: "WTF no way. Who is this guy?" I proceed to look up his books on Amazon and read the user reviews.

using only that info leads to no other conclusion then it is real, until other info can prove it false or other no magic explanations

It was a setup and Arthur is in on it. Some kind of publicity stunt with a moral about believing what you see on the internet.

well, I wouldn't have seen it cause I don't watch the news, but if I did, my response would be "Wait, what?" and I'd hit replay

This guy for real?

What channel am I watching? *Checks*... is this their paranormal theoryness segment?

Arthur is insane. There has to be a reason he is a "former" FBI consultant, and that must be it.

Why am I watching cable news when I have the whole INTERNET before me?

"...the #$%!? Clearly he's off his rocker"

Wonder if it's a massive viral marketing campaign for a new flavor of soda I wouldn't like anyway. That's what it always is.

Depends on his background, but if he was well-known as a firm skeptic, I'd consider it possible.

Who is Arthur? Who does he work for? And what does he have to gain by declaring it to be real?

"No way, you're messing with us... right?"


About time they stopped fighting it. The Truth should've come out long ago. :\

...He REALLY does not look like he's kidding. And I don't see how that could be faked. Especially in an outfit that skimpy.

*wide eyed stare* Dude. I mean, dude.

I’d think “What are they trying to cover up now, and how?” and wait for more clues, not really accepting any one theory.

"Za?" (Seriously, when was the last time we heard someone in the comic say that?)

I'd feel VERY conflicted. Truth? Reverse psychology? Sarcasm? Viral advertising? Gah! I'd psych myself out!!!

"What is happening and who's involved?" is my question. Check comments, look for follow up leads, examine peoples histories.

"Oh god, that poor girl. Meh, her fault for not wearing a mask."

Great, how long until the shanky cam film comes out.

Oh great, another whack-job pretending to be from the government.

He is either nuts or hes telling the truth I will need to check fox news.

"... ??? ..."

I'd try to persuade my friends who studied physics to give in to the CS side. :-p Then I'd rally behind Lex Luthor by accident.

I would probably be fairly speechless for a few hours, followed by major Google actions, Google would determined if I believed

WOO!! Called it!

"No way, totally a government cover up!"


"...Mythbusters is gonna have a field day with this." Alternately, "Well, reality has just jumped the shark."

My Response to Your Answers:

A lot of fairly reasonable responses, except... wow. There were some potty mouth responses to this one! Seriously, I think there was one instance of self censoring up there. The rest was me.

I know the presence of those words aren't the end of the world or anything, but I'm trying to keep the "adult content" levels of this blog similar to that of the comic, and those words aren't going to be in the comic anytime soon. Please don't put me in the position where I'm choosing between censoring an answer or simply not including it. I don't like doing either.

My Answer:

Skeptical with a side of hope, which is usually how I am with stuff like this. I don't want to fall for anything or be a sucker, but I'd also WANT something fantastic like this to be true, so the right and left sides of my brain would be going to war over this. I'd be saying all this skeptical stuff, but anyone paying attention to my body language would question how sincere I was being.


  1. No "Hehehe, I put on my robe and wizard hat..." I am disappoint.

  2. OK totally out of the blue.
    I've been in a batman period, I've recently 'acquired' all the batman cartoons made between 1977 and 2008. (The current one is poor for me so I don't follow it)(Including my 3 faves Batman: TAS, Batman Beyond and The Batman)Been watching Batman Begins as well.
    Well coming to my point MR. Verres looks alot like commissionaire Gordon

  3. An official government consultant who acts like a loon in public but is really very smart (And constantly corrects people)? It's Walter Bishop!

  4. I would have just watched Jon Stewart's coverage of the interview, so... I dunno, actually. Would have laughed, though.