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EGS Twitter Survey for November 17, 2010

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For anyone wondering where the survey for the 15th is, there wasn't one. I couldn't think of a question I actually wanted to ask, and that almost happened with the 17th, too.

It occurs to me that there will be times when I might not have a question to ask for every comic (future fight scenes come to mind), so, for the record, not EVERY comic is guaranteed a survey. I will do them as often as I can think of them, however.

With that out of the way, my latest "dude, mild-mannered Elliot looks like Velma" inspired question (note - due to the natural length of the answers, I accepted multiple tweets per person on this one):

If you had to pick five characters from EGS to cosplay as the Scooby-Doo gang, including Scooby, who would you pick for which roles?

Nanese for Dalphne just cause her red hair. Tony for fred just because fred seems like a jock. Grace for Shaggy because she can probably out eat him at the table and she's a bit innocent like shaggy. Eliot's mild mannered form would be perfect for Velma. Kevin for Scooby Doo just because it seem inappropriate

Tedd as Shaggy, kind of goofy, has his serious moments, Grace as Scooby, same reasons, bit goofy, sometimes serious. Ellen as Fred, Nanase as Daphne (movieversions) 1, cute couple, 2, Nanase kicks butt but can be shy, ellen is outgoing & bold. Velma i'd say Susan, super smart, not afraid to let that be known, still good looking

Grace as Velma, Elliot as Fred, Susan as Daphne, Tedd as Shaggy, and as for Scooby... Jeremy? Wait, Sarah fits Daphne much better. So Grace as Velma, Elliot as Fred, Sarah as Daphne, Tedd as Shaggy and Jeremy as Scooby.

(in response to the above answer) Nah. Justin as Fred, and Elliot as Scooby - he has that transformation belt after all.

Well, Grace would obviously have to be Scooby, lol. Tedd would be Velma, Elliott would be Fred, Nanase would be Daphne, and I suppose Justin would be Shaggy. Y'know, this seems awfully familiar. Am I describing a sketchbook entry or something?

You can get mad if you want, but.... Elliot is Shaggy, Grace is Scooby, Ted is Velma, Justin is Fred and Sarah is Daphnie. Or: Mr. Verres as Shaggy, Jerry as Scooby, Susan is Velma, Ellen as Daphnie and feminist freind as Fred. Whats the name?!?

Velma: Sarah, Scooby: Grace, Fred: Elliot, Shaggy: Justin, Daphne: Tedd (transformed of course)

Justin as Fred, nerdy Elliot as Velma, Ted as Daph, Grace as Scooby and Ellen as Shaggy

Fred: Elliot, Daphne: Nanase, Velma: Grace, Shaggy: Tedd, Scooby: Demonic Duck, Monster of the week: The Fire Monster. I was gonna pick Ellen for Daphne, but considering Fred and Daphne were pseudo-dating ... yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Grace:Scooby Justin:Shaggy Tedd:Velma Ellen:Daphne Nanase:Freddy. More specifically, SquirrelGrace:Scooby Justin:Shaggy F-Tedd:Velma V5Ellen:Daphne Manase:Freddy

EGScast as Scoobygang = Ellen as Freddie, Nanase as Daphe, Ted as Velma, Justin as Shaggy, Elliot as Scooby, Grace as Scrappy

Tedd would be a great Velma, while Grace and Justin could be decent Scooby and Shaggy, respectively. Eliot for Fred. Diane for Daphne. Alliteration in the last name FTW!

Super Elliot as Fred, Elliot as Susan's sis as Daphne, unassuming fem Elliot as Velma, Cat Elliot as Scooby, Elliot as Shaggy. An all Elliot cast.

Do you have a problem with me using Jabberjaw or anything else instead since I hate Scooby Do?

Oooh, this is a fun one. Sarah as Velma... no. No. Tedd as Velma, TF Ellen as Daphne, Grace as Scooby, Greg Sensei as Fred. and I guess Elliot as Scooby. Or Justin.

MildmanneredgirlElliot as Velma (of course), Justin and Nanase as Fred and Daphne, Tedd and Grace as Shaggy and Scooby. It would take some personality adjustments, but it might work.

Tedd (TF'd) as Velma, Elliot as Fred, Susan as Daphne (She'll kill me later), Justin as Shaggy, and Grace as Scooby.

Didn't you already do this? Eh, anyway: Elliot=Fred, Sarah=Daphne, Grace=Velma, Tedd=Shaggy, Brownie=Scooby.

Sarah=Fred, Nanase=Daphne, Grace=Scooby. Then Tedd=Shaggy for kitchen runs with Grace, and Elliot's typecast as Velma.

For cosplay, I'd pick Elliot for Shaggy, Tedd for Scooby, Nanase for Velma, Justin for Fred, and Grace for Daphne.

--Scooby:Grace--- Daphne:Nanase ---Velma:secret identity Elliot ---Shaggy:Tedd ---Fred:Justin

Elliot would be Tedd, Nanase could be Daphne, Sarah would be Velma, Tedd would be Shaggy, and Grace would be Scooby!

Nanase as Scooby, Ellen as Shaggy, Elliot as Fred, Sarah as Daphne, and Ted or Grace could be Velma, I'm not sure.

Justin = Fred. Grace = Scooby. Ted = Daphne. Nanase = Velma. Ellen = Shaggy.

Daphne would be Justin, Fred would be Jason D Poit, Velma would be Elliot, Scooby would be Grace, and Shaggy would be Ellen

Scooby = Jeremy, Fred = Elliot, Daphne = Nanase, Velma = Sarah, Shaggy = Tedd, Old Man Withers = Playa

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred, Velma. In order, Jeremy-Grace, Tedd, V5 Sarah, Ellen in drag, Mild-Mannered Elliot.

Fred= Justin, Daphne= Nanase, Shaggy= Ted, Scooby= Grace, Velma= Elliot in his Superhero alter ego form.

Velma - Tedd. Daphne - Lord Tedd. Fred - Beta Tedd. Shaggy - SL Tedd. Scooby - Jeremy.

Grace-Scooby (sensible) Shaggy-Ted (bud/girlfriend) Elliot-Fred (logic) Ellen-Velma (little geeky) Susan-Daphne (just Because)

Jeremy as Scooby, Elliot in secret identity female form as Velma, Tedd as Shaggy, Ellen as Daphne, and Justin as Fred.

Tess as Velma (tell me that doesn't lead to absolute adorkableness)... and I'm drawing a blank on the rest. ^^;;

Mild-mannered-fem-Elliot:Velma, Justin:Fred Diane:Daphne Tedd:Shaggy Jeremy:Scooby Doo

My Response to Your Answers:

I'm pretty sure I got everybody's answers on here, but this was more tricky than normal because I had to mix and match multiple tweets for people, which isn't that hard but it leaves room for mistakes (particularly when some people's responses are intermixed in my twitter feed).

That said, yes, there was a sketchbook with a Scooby theme. I also made a Scooby joke in EGS:NP. Scooby-Doo is just one of those things I love to poke fun at, but it's in an affectionate way. Some of their more recent cartoons are actually really good, and there's a definite nostalgia factor to the older cartoons. I don't know if the latest one is worth watching, but I've heard it's good.

As for my actual, you know, response to your answers... where's Rhoda?! She's already got the collar. She could TOTALLY be Scooby! Ah, well. At least nobody said Susan would be Scooby. That would doom us all.

Anyway, a lot of the choices I find interesting in part due to the basic relationship canon of the Scooby mythology (yeah, that's right. I said Scooby-Doo has a mythology). If you keep in mind Fred being with Daphne and Velma being with Shaggy, looking at the answers becomes a bit more interesting, particularly given at least one instance of Susan being paired with Tedd.

...Okay, so maybe we haven't avoided Susan's wrath...

My Answer:

This is tricky, as there are so many different combos that work in my mind. There's also the "do I care about the implied pairing" aspect of it, but I think I should ignore that. If one doesn't, deciding who's Fred basically decides who's Daphne, etc.

With that in mind...

Fred = Elliot. It's the obvious answer, but that's because it fits so well. Any other choice for Fred would be by virtue of Elliot filling a different role for whatever reason.

Daphne = Sandi or Carol. I would like to reiterate that I am ignoring pairing implications here. That said, the reason there are two choices here is because it depends on which version of Daphne you're looking at. In my mind, there are two: the classic, bumbling Daphne, and the modern, competent Daphne. If we're talking classic Daphne, Sandi is totally my choice. Modern Daphne, Carol seems to fit, and I seem to recall Daphne being some manner of journalist in the animated Scooby movies. Nanase might be a good choice if going by the live action movies, but I'm ignoring those. If I had to choose one over the other, I would choose Carol due to preferring to reward the competent incarnation.

Shaggy = Grace. Grace might be the most powerful main character, but she's also the most easily frightened and most prone to worry. She can also rise to the occasion and act as needed in spite of her fear. She may not look the part, but I think she's the most Shaggy-like of all the EGS characters.

Velma = Tedd. I think one could make an argument for Susan being Velma, and I believe some of the people answering this survey did just that, but Tedd just seems more Velma-esque to me. Being Tedd, he'd probably insist on turning female for the role, but even without morphing, I think he fits the bill best. Of course, if I chose Susan, that could be an interesting pairing with--*THWACK* Ow! Where'd that come from?!

Scooby = Rhoda. This probably isn't a surprise given that I already suggested Scooby as Rhoda, but yeah. Rhoda is the puppy character, so she's Scooby. Case closed. Also, I know I said I was ignoring the pairings, but Grace as Shaggy and Rhoda as Scooby seems like a good fit for me.


  1. Thank you for the link Dan! I knew I had seen that somewhere!

  2. I Don't quite get Rhoda as scooby, she is a 'puppy character' but i dont think she behaves like scooby.
    Grace as shaggy i agre with though, and it would be funny to see shaggy's blunders involve shapshifting.


  3. The acid test for a Scooby Doo series is this: Real Monsters of Man-in-a-Mask? If there are Real Monsters then the show is a paranormal sellout alien to the spirit of the original.

    The original Man-in-a-Mask Scooby Doo was a triumph of rationalism.

  4. What I never got about the original Scooby Doo was that whenever they ran into a monster, they always assumed it was real. You'd think after encountering so many men-in-masks that they, including Shaggy and Scooby, would automatically go: "Yeah. Right. Suuure"

  5. Justin as Fred, partly because we all know Freds gay, partly because i think he'd just fit right in the role

    Elliot as Velma, not because of mild maned Elliot but because of his personality

    Tedd as shaggy

    Ellen as Daphne

    and grace as scooby