Saturday, November 13, 2010

EGS Twitter Survey for November 12, 2010

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I know people have a tendency to go flying when they get hit in martial arts movies, but to quote top scientists, "that doesn't happen for realsies". Someone might move a few feet as a result of a punch or kick, and maybe even slide across the floor for a few more. When it looks like they're flying across the room in a straight line as though suspended by a wire, however, it's probably because they were.

With that in mind...

You just totally kicked a monster 100 feet into a river in front of tons of witnesses. How do you explain being able to do this?

"I'm super strong and have kickass supernatural abilities, duh"

I'm Superman.

it was already on its way there? erh... yeah, that's it

It was fairly light, and I wasn't as worn out as it was.

It just LOOKED like I kicked it that far. It flew away. Because, DUDE! IT'S A MONSTER!

Adrenaline rush? Smoke and Mirrors?

I study martial arts, (might add the dojo) I had good leverage, and the monster was very light for his size

I'M RAMBOOO!! *Tears off shirt and runs around with a big gun*

He jumped. He's a monster, and already improbable, so claiming he has incredible jumping ability moves the focus on to him.

IGNORANCE! Seriously, though. Pretend to be at a loss for an answer, acting just as shocked and confused as the crowd.

I tell everyone they saw nothing, and drop kick anyone who says otherwise.

The power of the plot compells you /waveshandinCatholicmanner...

A fight-or-flight instinct weighted heavy on "fight", lots of adrenaline, reflexes, and not overthinking the situation.

We're filming a movie. The guy was rigged to wires so it looked like I kicked him that far. ...No autographs.

"Fire is lighter than you think"

my answer: Thanks to the relativistic effects of high speed I was able to- *flees*

It wasn't really made of fire, I swear! Uh, uh, Cheerleadra gave me powers! Uh, is that a demonic duck of some sort OVER THERE?

Pretend that we were filming something and that it was actually a doll. Some sort of Hollywood excuse, anyways.

Turns out all that fire made him like a rocket, and my kick just pointed him in a certain direction, and he blast off himself

he was jumping when I kicked him!

I eat my spinach. Always eat right, kids, it pays off in the end.

Screaming. And crying. Curling into a quivering ball of fear helps too.

Um, he tripped. Yea.

"And this, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that anything Industrial Lights and Magic can do, WETA can do better."

'Oh, no, I just take my bike to work every day. Uphill.'

"Be damned if I know, this thing aperantly just dosnt give dip s*** abaut physics"

"I trained hard at Greg's Anime-Style Martial Arts dojo for several years."

The power of Manly Fabulousness.

I use a demonic duck. One must ALWAYS use a demonic duck. Even one that's not actually demonic.

"What, you mean you wouldn't be able to?" ... "heh."

"...It was a weird balloon, I think. Some midget in a suit, or a projected image."

Build up cheerleader & mild-mannered personas to provide a layer of insulation between hero life and regular life.

Guess I don't know my own strength. :)

Swamp gas reflecting the light of Venus during a full moon. Even more true during the middle of the day when the moon isn't up.

"(Uh... um... er...) *Facepalm* I TOLDSteve not to pull so hard on the wire..."

My father is chuck norris

The monster flew away I didn't kick it. It just looked that way.

I ate my Wheaties today. Now I'm going to Disneyland!

"IT WAS THE POWER OF SCIENCE." *walk away calmly*

"I expect the monster must have come down with a rare case of Wrestling Referee's Syndrome."

Hell, dude. I'm just that strong.

(in a sarcastic and ambiguous manner) magic

My Response to Your Answers:

Okay, there aren't any prizes to be won here, but if there were? It'd probably go to the "I'M RAMBOOO!!" answer with "My father is Chuck Norris" as a close second.

My Answer:

The "I don't know what happened" answer while acting as surprised as everyone else is probably the best. For one thing, they'll probably make up all the excuses you need for you, and then you can quote their possible explanations while never committing to anything that will make you sound like you're hiding something.


  1. I'm sorry I missed out on this...I would have gone. "I AM!"

    "A MAN!"

    "OF THE SEA!"

    Alternately, "I's magic, don't ask questions." or "It's magic, I don't have to explain it."

  2. how about "he was full of hot air..."
    seems applicable in this case.


    Or, point out the fact that fire doesn't technically have mass.

    Or, challenge the Mythbusters.

  4. " I kicked him. Really hard. It's what I do."

    People would buy it. I study TaeKwonDo and once knocked out a would be mugger with a kick. Probably my finest moment ever.

  5. You gotta leave them wanting more.

    "I am AWESOME."

    "That doesn't answer my quest..."