Friday, November 5, 2010

EGS Twitter Survey for November 3, 2010

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You are about to be given a question that would shatter the resolve of kings. Do you think you can handle it?

Don't say you weren't warned:

There is one cupcake left. Both Grace and mild mannered girl Elliot are making puppy-dog faces. Who gets the cupcake?


Mild mannered girl Elliot because of her glasses. Glasses magnify cuteness by 100%


Elliot! Grace has lots of goodies.

would Elliot actually do that? I think he would catch himself doing it and just shake himself out of it XD

Grace, I know Elliot's puppy-dog eyes are faked

Me. Puppy dog eyes only work if they come from a GF or potential GF. Now, if Susan wanted the cupcake...

Grace, because the cuteness would demand it.

Girl-Elliot for having to transform and thus working harder.

Mr. Verres

Grace hands down. She could probably inject a little extra puppy into her puppy-dog face, but her base cuteness is more anyway.

Grace and girl elliot will say the other should have it. Ted will walk by and eat it while the other two be nice to each other.

This cupcake dilemma should be solved with a Grace/MMG Eliot wrestling match. No matter who wins, we all win.

A pirate squirrel swoops in and steals it.

Grace gives it to MMG Elliot, as Grace is not used to dealing with other people's puppy-dog faces.

they both do... I cut it in half.

Grace, struck by the puppy-dog eyes, offers it to she-Elliot, who insists Grace have it. A mild-mannered refusal fight ensues.

I do. My weakness is cleavage, not puppy-dog eyes.

Grace! She can do cute-squirrel-face too, and she's had a harder life and deserves a cupcake, dammit!

mild mannered Eliot she reminds me too much of tess (af04) for me to say no to anything she asks.

Tedd makes more cupcakes in girl form, and all three get one

If Grace's is actually a puppy-dog face, she wins. Otherwise, mild-mannered Elliot wins the cake!

Tedd succumbs to the cute-splosion and makes another batch. Poor Tedd.

Ah probably Eliot...can't deny puppy-dog-glasses-eyes

Flip a coin. Heads? Grace. Tails? MildManneredFemale!Elliot. Edge? Tokyo.

Who's holding the cupcake? If it's Tedd then it's gonna go to Grace... He can't say no to her! She's too cute!!

Grace, since she could turn into a giant squirrel and eat me and the cupcake in one bite.That's worse then a kick in the balls.

Split the cupcake!

They both get half, and if they complain about this diplomatic solution, I'm gonna eat it!

Susan comes in and takes it while we're all agonizing over which girl to give it to. There may be eye-rolling involved.

Grace obviously

Elliot. Grace's adorableness is well known, his current form is novel and thus wins the contest.

Part the cupcake and give it to them both, or zap it with magical duplicating powers.

They are such close friends, they'll split it using the I'll-cut-you-choose method.

Depends on Grace's form, but in most cases, Grace.

definently Grace. Nobody beats Grace in a battle of cuteness!

Elliot. Puppy-dog face plus large glasses? Hard to ignore that...

I'd think they'd share, or at least fairly go with who ate the most.

There were cupcakes!? And I didn't get one!? I think it is only right that I get the last cupcake since I didn't get one before

Ted gives in to the power of cute and either splits it in half for them, buys a second cupcake, or invents a duplicator

Grace, because she is a cute puppy-dog-faced squirrel person. If she has a puppy face, would she chase her own Squirrel tail?

Grace, no contest

Presumably we're not Tedd. Even if we aren't; it still goes to Grace, because she'd probably appreciate it more.

Grace gets the cupcake. Mild-mannered Elliot cannot beat the awesomeness of the squirrelly face.

Grace should totally get the cupcake.


My head explodes from cuteness overload. If it doesn't, mild-mannered Elliot wins for his Velma-esque features.

Grace. She's been cuter for longer.

split it in half for the both of them.

in reply to survey, Grace, Hands Down.

That's tough... I suppose mild-mannered Elliot-girl does. Also, I bet somebody in this survey will mention boobs (besides me).

Grace wins. She has more adorableness experience and a history of going all squirrelly on people.

Based on my knowledge that Grace is a real girl, and Elliot isn't, I'd have to give it to Grace. Assuming I can't cut it in 2.

I split the cupcake in half and give half to each of them, obviously.

Jeremy, for only he is immune to the adorably puppy-dog faces that Grace and Mild-Mannered Elliot can produce.

A "Clark Kent" character is no match for the meter-pinning cuteness of Grace. Secret Identity Elliot will be overlooked.

Grace. She's actually mild-mannered.

Damn. That would be like hell to have to choose.

Grace gets the cupcake. She will hug me. Girl Elliot is still Elliot and is too prudish to hug.

Tedd is over loaded with cuteness and faints. So since he can't choose, they decide to split it equally. So both are happy.

I would have to go with Grace; she is the goddess of puppy-dog faces while mild-mannered Elliot is only the High Priestess.

doggy tf contest best of show wins

Mild mannered girl Elliot because of her glasses. Glasses magnify cuteness by 100%

Divide and conquer (halve it)! Or, failing that, give it to Grace and tell mild mannered Elliot that she'll get one later.

Heavy. Cupcake is credit to team!

That cupcake is getting Solomon'd.

If they both do it in its proximity, the cupcake would melt down, so no one gets it.

Grace gets the cupcake.

Both of them are too nice to take the cupcake, so they both give puppyeyes at each other until Tedd cuts it in half for them.

GRACE! HANDS DOWN! She has squirrel girl CUTENESS!


I would do the only equitable thing and cut the cupcake in half and deal with mild disappointment from both then pout from one

Concerning cupcake question: Knife fight. Knife fight is the only answer. If it's a muffin, guns become involved.


I’d give half to each, then bake more! Maybe get Tedd to help with that, it’s advantageous in two ways …

grace wins. I suspect her to be slightly more devious than Elliot-girl.

I get the cupcake

My Response to Your Answers:

What I find amusing is just how frequently Tedd's involvement was assumed, along with the end result being Tedd turning female and cooking more cupcakes. Splitting the cupcake and Tedd making more probably would be the most likely outcome, to be honest.

My Answer:

My answer was the common answer of splitting the cupcake in two, but after reading these answers, it comes with the addendum of girly Tedd making more cupcakes. It's the only logical conclusion to this saga, after all.


  1. I was sort-of right: somebody mentioned cleavage.

    Anyway, I think I'd like to change my answer. The cutest puppy dog face is definitely Grace, but the cutest smiley face would have to be Rhoda, then Tess, then mildmanneredgirlElliot, then Grace.

  2. Easy, split the cupcake down the center and give half to both of them.