Tuesday, November 9, 2010

EGS Twitter Survey for November 8, 2010

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As common as it is for all of us to wind up on the news and being asked an awkward question, rarely is that question something we dare not give the actual answer to. Nonetheless, this is the situation Justin finds himself in.

How would you answer Carol's question?

Zah?! She came from my shop?

"Well Carol, to answer you question, my guess would be buying comics, and I don't know her, I just have good coping skills."

Answer: "She was probably looking for some comics? And I don't, 1st time I met her." Which is true..1st time he met S-Elliot

If I was Justin? 'She's my girlfriend'. If it were just me? ... 'She's my girlfriend'.

I would tell Carol that MMElliot is a friend's cousin, visiting from out of town. Yep.

We are busy this night of the week, I saw her enter, greeted her, but beyond that I don't know her

No Idea. Since I fought next to her, I didn't recognize her, either. Maybe she was looking at comics for costume ideas?

A superhero who loves superheroes. You should hear the rants about how Power Girl is wrong.

We save the world together! Nah, I don't know her and I didn't see her in the shop. Kinda funny: a superhero from a comic shop!

LOOK! Is that some sort of demonic duck?!?!? *runs away*

I don't know her but since she came from inside the store it's likely she was one of the many new customers we've had recently.

My answer? "Excuse me, do I ask you about your creepy stalker chicks? I didn't even know she was in there!"

"People come into the shop in costume all the time. I thought she was just another normal customer."

"I have no idea. One minute I'm looking at this man made of fire attacking. Next moment, flying girl. I was just, 'Za?!?'."

"I'm not really sure who she is, of course, as superheroes don't actually exist; but she could have been someone in the shop."

she was probably buying a comic book & I never seen her before (tech true since Elliot changed his form after he left 4 b-room)

she's a fan of comics, and will only buy from our store! (shameless plug)

"She's a caped super-hero. How am I supposed to know her secret identity?"

Clearly, she was perusing our fine merchandise. That's right, folks - awesome superheroes shop at Salty Crackers Comics!

"Is that a demonic duck of some sort?" (flees)

UM...Well, she's a super hero at a comic book store. She was pushing her new comic?

If a comic book geek hasn't already revealed they can turn into a superhero,they probably have a good reason to keep it secret.

Well with the lack of strong muscular male news anchors she had to find someone to protect.

At least a comic book fan would know how to act the damsel in distress...or whatever a male damsel is.

“I don’t know her. In fact, I can’t remember having seen her. She must have come in while I was busy with another customer.”

"I have no idea, I've never seen her before, it's really weird. As if this whole thing wasn't."

"I've never seen her before in my life."

Answer: Pfft, barely know her. Just thought she was some chick in cosplay or something. (The most reasonable answer IMO)

She was promoting a new comic book series. With a publicity stunt this destructive, though, I doubt they'll go through with it.

"never seen her before, my best guess is she went in the comic shop to change into her uniform"

look over there, is that a demonic duck of some sort?

optimally: "I don't know... I didn't see anyone that looked like her until she joined the fight... sorry"

"What do all the other superheroes do at our comic shop? It's a comic shop. We sell comics. With superheroes in them."

"As far as I'm aware, she's a customer. My guess is she moved into town recently."

"...I figured she was just someone in costume, a lot of people walk around all dressed up. Sorta looked like you, though."

Umm... I don't know him.. I mean her. She was... Umm... probably just... Umm... hanging out in the store?

"I don't know. Shopping, probably. First I saw her, she was helping me drive off my attacker." Assuming, of course, I was Justin

"I really don't know. I was busy working the counter and we get odd characters a lot here. She seemed like a normal customer."

The truth: I have never seen her before in my life, and I can only guess at why she was there.

Hey, is that a chaotic neutral duck of some fashion? What? Look, he told me off for calling him demonic! So bad you can keep it

'Since I can't read minds, you'd have to ask her.' Or the ultimate non sequitur: 'Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres, etc'

"Well obviously the best place to hide is in plain sight. No one would expect a Superhero to be hiding in a Comic Book Shop."

She did? I have no idea. She just came from nowhere. I...I guess she was in disguise?

My Response to Your Answers:

Most of these answers are pretty reasonable, but the demonic duck? Really. You're on the news, trying to avoid making trouble, and you're going to summon giant talking red duck with demonic horns and a devil's tail. That just seems counterproductive to me.

My Answer:

This is one of those situations where my real answer could be a potential spoiler, so I'm going to claim I would say this: "Her? She's actually a guy I know named Elliot. Yeah, he can turn into a girl, and fly around and stuff. Have I mentioned he has a twin sister who is actually a female duplicate of himself?"


  1. Your answer would bring the Jerry Springers of your world down upon them all. And make the vast majority of normal people skeptical. Good answer.

  2. "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH." Which is ironically the truth.

  3. "I have no clue. When you're fighting a fire monster and a superhero shows up to help, you don't ask questions"

  4. On the other hand, weirdos are already attracted to Moperville, so the demonic duck would at least take the suspicion of off Ellen, which was Elliot's main concern, and therefore Justin's.

  5. When I read the demonic duck answers, my thoughts were, "Haha! Yes!" followed by, "Why didn't I think of that?" Sure, they're counterproductive, but they're hilarious, AND the good kind of long-running gag.

  6. The best answer to everything ever is "Don't you laugh at me! I know a spell that'll make you show your true form! A cave rat taught it to me!"

  7. "I dunno, dude, but I'm thinking that I've gotta stop hanging around my friends when they smoke weed." if it were only me. "I don't know her." if I were Justin.

  8. "Hmmm, I didn't actually see her in the shop. First time I set eyes on her was when she turned up when I was talking to the flame-dude. You get cosplayers in here now and then... no idea who she actually is though..."

  9. "The only girl I've seen in the comic shop in the last 48 hours is THAT one!" *points to Shives dopplegangers'lady friend*

  10. Should have used the Demonic Duck, Dan. Should have used him...

  11. Honestly I am unsure how I would answer that. Maybe close to the way Justin answered it.

  12. "Who, her? She came in looking for costume ideas. She's going to a costume party soon, she said, and she needed a good costume." -If I was Justin

    "This is Moperville, people. She is not the weirdest thing here. That would be me, that crazy with the ears and tail."- If it was me.

  13. "Well, y'know, I hadn't really noticed where she came from, 'cause, y'see, I was a little distracted by THE FREAKING MONSTER OF BLOODY FIRE TRYING TO KICK THE FLAMING CRAP OUT OF ME!"