Friday, September 24, 2010

Batman, How Could You?!

I was in a FRY's earlier today, and something caught my eye. A Batman... thing that's specifically designed to be placed on computer monitors. An official Batman product that's designed to stay near where you work at the computer and stare at you with a judgmental look on his face.


Batman, you jerk! I... I thought we had something special! You would sit on my desk, remind me to do all that stuff I'm supposed to do, and now I find out about... about... THIS?!

I'm sorry, Batman, but this is just too much for me. I'm replacing you with my Princess Peach figure. Yeah, she only reminds me to rescue her and play video games, but at least I can trust her! Even if she does disappear for days at a time and comes back smelling strangely of Italian food and turtles...


  1. How long have these been available, I wonder? Could some guy at DC have read your blog?

  2. Does... does that Batman have a bobble head? Maybe it's a clone or something-- oh, wait, that's Marvel's deal; making excessive clones of their popular characters.

  3. I applaud your choice of Princess Peach as a new mentor. Her mighty floating technique has served me well. May it now serve you also.